Port St. Maarten Featured in Seatrade Cruise News as Destination Bouncing Back

Under the headline, “#SXMStrong – St. Maarten bounces back,” US editor of Seatrade Cruise Review and Seatrade Cruise News Anne Kalosh described how the country is bouncing back based on interviews with Port St. Maarten Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Ton van Kooten and Business Development Officer Alexander Gumbs, published on November 6, 2017.
Kalosh started out: “One of Caribbean cruising’s most important destinations and one of the places hardest hit by Hurricane Irma is proving its mettle.  It’s summed up by the hastag #SXMStrong.“
The story provides an update on public utilities such as electricity and water, Philipsburg duty-free shopping area, beaches, water-based tours, land-based tours, and port facilities.
‘Ninety percent of our economy depends on tourism. Our people understand the importance of getting the ships back. We’re strong. We’re resilient,’ said Alexander Gumbs, business development officer, Port St. Maarten in the cruise editorial.
Lines have to be very careful when making the decision to return, and St. Maarten needs to be ready. It’s a ‘marquee port,’ explained Ton van Kooten, CFO, Port St. Maarten. ‘The last thing we want is to damage the image.’ the Seatrade Cruise News editorial quotes the CFO.
The Port St. Maarten story also mentioned the latest major new attraction, Rainforest Adventures’ Rockland Estate eco-park, and about preparations on-going to upgrade existing businesses and introduce new tours for the upcoming cruise season.
The key message of the Port St. Maarten editorial was to let the cruise world and beyond know that Sint Maarten is open and ready.  The story can be found in the following link: http://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/news-headlines/sxmstrong-st-maarten-bounces-back.html
“Destination Sint Maarten is strong, and the people are resilient, but there is still much to be done throughout the island where clean-up is concerned in readying the destination for cruise passengers.  We need to exceed the expectations of the cruise lines and passengers, and therefore, all hands must be on deck where recovery efforts are concerned for our one-island destination,” Port St. Maarten Management reiterated over the weekend.

Destination Sint Maarten was further featured in Seatrade Cruise News with a story dedicated to with the heading, “Rainforest Adventures’ St. Maarten eco-park a ‘destination-defining attraction,’ which was also published on November 6.
Port St. Maarten Management is very pleased with the publicity that the destination has received within the cruise industry sector to date that the destination is making a very strong come-back.
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