Frans lauds GEBE management, personnel for ‘saving St. Maarten’

Member of Parliament Frans Richardson on Friday lauded the management of GEBE for the diligent work currently being executed and for their professionalism under pressure-filled circumstances following hurricanes Irma and Maria. The MP also praised GEBE’s personnel for going above and beyond in putting St. Maarten I position for a quicker recovery.

Richardson said the government and people of St. Maarten put its faith in three local professionals to manage and forge a future for the utility company and, in his opinion, they are fulfilling the obligations bestowed upon them.  He said Kenrick Chittick, Iris Arrindell and Veronica Webster-Jansen, CEO, CFO and COO respectively, should be commended for their work.

“There are many people predicted failure from these three proud local people. But they have handled themselves very well. I am sure they had their plans that Irma interrupted, but the test of a person is how you act in times of tribulation and chaos. Despite GEBE suffering major damage to its infrastructure, management rallied their staff and literally saved St. Maarten,” the MP said.

MP Richardson explained that he used “saved St. Maarten” because without electricity and water, the island would have been crippled. He mentioned some of the neighboring islands as examples, including Puerto Rico.

“Sometimes we take for granted the amount of pride our people put into their work and the amount of work it took to get us to this point after the biggest storm to ever strike this region. Think about the magnitude of Irma, look at the destruction of other islands and St. Maarten and look at what GEBE under current management was able to achieve. I think it is truly an amazing accomplishment and they should be honored and commended,” Richardson said.

The MP added that GEBE’s personnel who left their personal circumstances to go out into the community to restore utilities at record pace, should also be lauded. “All over Dutch St. Maarten you see our people restoring our island. We received help for which we are grateful, but much of the work was executed by our own who refused to let St. Maarten stay down. We should be very proud of the management and personnel of GEBE,” the MP concluded.