The Ministry of VROMI will be iniating a Roof Repair Program

The Ministry of VROMI will be initiating a roof repair program throughout several districts which is scheduled to kick off in the third week of November 2017.

5 Million guilders of which 2 million has been received through pledges, has been allocated towards emergency roof repairs following the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma and Maria.

Contractors will start in districts that experienced the most damage due to the hurricanes. Approximately 300 – 350 homes can be repaired. The repairs entail the replacing of T1.11, rafters and or zinc.

With the money allocated the Ministry of VROMI is determined to repair as much roofs possible.

Priority will be given to:
• Persons who are renting from Government
• Pensioners who own their homes and have a monthly income lower than 4000 Guilders
• Unemployed homeowners
• Homeowners who are receiving social aid
• Homeowners who rent out rooms or apartments and their total monthly income is less than 4000 Guilders.