Ministry of VSA collaborates with SXM POWER PROJECT”

The Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labour (VSA) partnered with SXM Power Project to provide generators to households without power since the passing of Hurricane Irma. Certain areas within some of our districts such as St. Peters, Sucker Garden, Dutch Quarter, Middle Region, South Reward, Saunders and Bush road were still without electricity, notwithstanding that GEBE is working diligently on restoring electricity throughout the island in order to bring back a sense of normality to all residents.

The SXM Power Project, established by the Neus family residing in the United States of America and St. Maarten, brought approximately 90 generators, of which some were distributed themselves and the remaining 72 were distributed in collaboration with the Department of Community Development, Family and Humanitarian Affairs (CDFHA) amongst persons in the community who are still challenged with getting electricity supplied to their homes.

The objective of the project was to provide a source of much needed power to vulnerable individuals and families in our community that are still without electricity and as such can slowly return to a sense of normalcy with this generator. The generators provide electricity to basic household appliances such as fans, refrigerators, iron etc.

Recipients, many of whom are seniors, persons with special needs and NGOs were moved to tears and thankful for the generous donation. The executors of this project is encouraging those recipients who were privileged to get a generator, to help pass on the generators to others who are still in dire need of electricity, once power was restored to your home.

The Ministry of VSA is extremely grateful to Mrs. Eugenia Neus and the entire Neus family for their generous donation in the form of humanitarian aid during the island’s most challenging times. “A special thank you to Aida Holaman, Department head of CDFHA and her team for working hard to get these generators to persons in need. We encourage others who want to assist the community with their recovery efforts to contact the Ministry of VSA via email jo********@si************.org or via the Cabinet of VSA on +1 721 520-2767”, stated Minister Lee.”