Nine controls carried out of public street traders and restaurants

The Inspectorate of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunications (TEATT) conducted a joint control with Inspectors from the Ministry of VSA (Public Health, Social Development and Labour) on public street traders and a restaurant on Thursday, November 9th.

A total of nine controls were executed. Seven vendors and one restaurant were controlled from W.G. Buncamper Road along the entire W.A. Nisbeth Road.

One person was found vending on Octavius L. Richardson Road in Belair who was not in possession of a permit and was given a warning. During the control several violations were found of which the majority were related to food safety, storage and temperatures.

One vendor along W. A. Nisbeth Road was found to have connected drainage from the food preparation area of their vending establishment to the Great Salt Pond.

The connection was ordered to be removed by officials. Other vendors were ordered to clean up the food preparation of their establishment as it was found not be in a sanitary condition.
Tables and chairs were ordered to be removed from vending locations as vendors are not allowed to create the opportunity for a sit down and eat service.

A popular local bar/restaurant along W. A. Nisbeth Road was controlled and during the control it was found that the majority of the building had no roof and was covered in tarpaulin while food was still being prepared in the kitchen and being sold to the public.

Upon further inspection, tears in the tarpaulin were observed and the kitchen and other areas of the building were exposed to the outside.  In agreement with the permit owner the establishment was closed in order to allow them to repair the structure as food was being displayed and served along the public street while the building itself has been severely damaged by the hurricane.

Vending permit holders are obligated to abide by the conditions of the vending permit, including stationary and mobile vendors.
Permit holders, their helpers, equipment and the site itself must be kept in a sanitary condition at all times. No chairs, tables or loud music is permitted at vending locations.

Vendors must not be a nuisance or hindrance to the general public or public safety at any time. All permit holders are obliged to comply with the lawful instructions of government officials immediately, when issued.

A valid government issued ID must be carried by all persons carrying out public street trading at all times as well as the public street trading permit must also be available upon first request by the official as well.

Permit holders should register their helper (by law you are only permitted one helper) with the Department of Economic Licenses located at the Government Administration Building or they can be contacted at ec**************@si************.org

Lastly, exercising street trade without the appropriate permit from the Minister of TEATT is a violation of the Landsverordening openbarestraathandel and can be punished by a fine not exceeding one thousand guilders or imprisonment of no more than two months.