New station ship navy arrives in Willemstad

The new Defense Ship in the Caribbean will launch in Willemstad next Friday morning. The ship operates as a station ship in the Caribbean for the next 4 months.

The multipurpose frigate Zr.Ms. Van Speijk of the Royal Navy arrives at the Annabaai at 08.30 and is welcomed with sales tickets from Fort Amsterdam. An armed guard of the new land power company in the West carries out the ceremony for the Gouvernements building at Fort Amsterdam when passing the port heads. Zr.Ms. Van Speijk joins the Mattheywerf after entering.

The ship loosens Zr.Ms. Zeeland that has been active in our region in recent months. The Zeeland has, inter alia, been involved in providing relief aid to Saint Maarten and Dominca after the hurricane passages Irma, Jose and Maria.

Station ship has multiple tasks

Over the next four months, Van Speijk will drive as a cruise ship in the Caribbean. In addition to maritime presentation and emergency relief, the main task of the frigate is to perform counter-drug operations. For this purpose, the ship is deployed for both the Royal Navy, the Coast Guard Caribbean Area and the US-led International counter-drug organization, the Joint Interagency Task Force South. On the way to Curacao, the ship has done various trainings, including operations with its NH-90 maritime combat helicopter.


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Technical specifications M-frigate:

water displacement: 3,300 tons
Length: 122 meters
width: 14.4 meters
depth: 6.2 meters
speed: 29 knots
2 Rolls Royce (Spey 1A) gas turbines (33,800 hp total)
1 Stork-Workspace diesels (9,790 HP)
crew: 150-160
76mm cannon Oto Melara;
Harpoon antique racket (AGM-84);
Mark 46 torpedo’s;
Mark 48-Vertical Launcher System for NATO Sea Sparrow (Radar-Oriented Air Role Rockets);
Goalkeeper fast fire cannon for near defense;
NH90 maritime combat helicopter (has a comprehensive radar and sensor package and can be equipped with torpedo and machine guns)