Built Back St. Martin … with books!

“Build Back St. Martin Libraries with Books!” is a gift book drive by House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP), running from St. Martin Day until New Year’s Eve 2017, said Jacqueline Sample, president of the non-profit foundation.

“It’s a jollification call island-wide,” said Sample, to “Buy 1 copy of the popular history book National Symbols of St. Martin for a school, classroom, public library or home library of your choice and get 1 free copy of either Love Songs Make You Cry, The Angel Horn, The Frock & Other Poems, or Brother Rich … Creative Writing in St. Martin.”
HNP launched the buy 1 book-get 1 free at Arnia’s bookstore with a Facebook flyer this Thursday, said Sample. Arnia’s bookstore is at the intersection of Bushroad and Zagersgut Road (across from the gas station).
Along with destroyed documents, damaged equipment, the roof and windows of HNP’s small “studio-office” are still broken and leaking like the homes and businesses of many St. Martin people; and like the nation’s people HNP is pressing on too. “St. Martin people are our inspiration. Books are also about healing and rebuilding. And books published in St. Martin belong in the hands of children, adults, and older heads,” said Sample.
HNP is in its 35th year www.houseofnehesipublish.com.


Photo: “Build Back St. Martin Libraries with Books!” Facebook flyer bearing illustration of freedom fighter legend One-Tété Lohkay, clutching the National Symbols of St. Martin.