Portraits and Poetry Event Delivers High Caliber Performances

Patrons attending the Portraits and Poetry event, held on Sunday November 5th, 2017 at the Marigot Waterfront, left feeling inspired and rejuvenated by the display of art, music and culture they experienced during the three hour event. Representing the Collectivite of French St. Martin was Honorable Member of Parliament and Vice President of the Tourist Office, Mr. Alex Pierre, who opened with a short address that emphasized the contentment of the French Side being able to collaborate with their Dutch counterparts and the willingness to continue to work together in the future. Following his speech, Honorable Minister Silveria Jacobs echoed the same sentiments and gave an insight into all the events leading up to St. Martin Day and what’s in store for the people of St. Martin on November 11th, 2017, which highlights unity of the people of St. Martin.
Artists from both sides of the island took the stage and performed their pieces that reflected not only the passing of Hurricanes Irma and Maria but the resilience and strength of St. Martin people. Some poets also addressed the current situations happening on both sides of the island in their thought invoking poems. The event had a mixture of poetry, singing, rapping and ended with a hair raising twenty minute poetry in motion piece that brought all patrons to their feet. Local professional photographer, Mr. Robin Pieters, was also on site with a spectacular display of photography of St. Maarten before and after Hurricane Irma.
MC and coordinator of the event, Ms. Angelique Romou, closed off the evening with a vote of thanks where a special thank you was given to Esdra Richardson of Poets Lounge who collaborated with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport in organizing the events as well as Melissa Fleming who created the Poetry in Motion piece.
This event formed part of the Road to St. Martin’s Day calendar of events. For this final week leading up to St. Martin’s day, the emphasis will be placed on tree planting activities within the communities and schools on the island. The Ministry also promises a spectacular St. Martin Day lineup and urges all citizens to keep their eyes and ears open as the team will be flooding the media with information. For more information regarding the 2017 St. Martin Day festivities, please feel free to contact Janelle Presentacion on weekdays at 520-1638 between the hours of 10am and 3pm or via email at Ja******************@si************.org . We invite you to visit our website www.sintmaartengov.org to view our program of events for St. Martin Day 2017.