14-year-old student possibly drugged at school and treated in hospital

On Friday morning November 3rd, the mother of a 14 years old student came to the Police Station to discuss an incident that occurred. She stated that on Thursday November 2nd her son was attending class at a secondary school and later in the afternoon he started to feel unwell and needed medical attention.
He was taken to the Sint Maarten Medical Center where he was treated. It turned out that he was possibly drugged by an unknown person (or persons). The victim was allowed to go home the next day and his condition is stable. This is a very serious case and the Juvenile Department is investigating the matter.
The police department is taking this opportunity to inform the general public and in particular the parents of students attending secondary schools, to be aware of this information and talk to their children about this.
Never accept food or drinks that might contain drugs or were unattended for a while, to prevent being drugged.
The police department also urges all parents to go on the Internet and type-in the word “XTC” in order to read more about this very dangerous drug and its effect.