USM Alumni says darkest day in education 

The University of St.Martin (USM) Elite Alumni Foundation released its newest project which is geared towards the current situation at the insitution.

“It’s one of the darkest days in the history of Education in our country especially with lack of true compassion shown for USM’ s situation,” remarked Stuart Johnson President of the USM Elite Alumni Foundation.

President Johnson flanked with Vice-President Paula Gordon unveiled the T-shirts which urge the populous to support saving the institution.

“We owe it to the current and past students, the staff and the generations to come to ensure USM’ s closure isn’t forever,” Johnson said.

T-shirts can be purchased from the members of the board for a mere cost of $10. Further information is available via the Facebook fan page of the foundation.

All proceeds will go towards financial contributions to the University of St. Martin #saveUSM