Study Financing 2017

In the study financing year 2017, sixty three (63) students study financing recipients have departed to pursue tertiary education. Thirty four (34) students left for the Netherlands, seventeen (17) left for the United States, one (1) left for curacao, eight (8) left for Canada and three (3) left for the United Kingdom. The students who arrived in the Netherlands were greeted by the United St. Maarten Connection (USC). USC is a group of dynamic young St. Maarten professionals who are currently living and working in the Netherlands. In collaboration with the Division of Study Financing (DSF), and the St. Maarten House, the USC organized an orientation week of activities for the new students.  A team of guidance counselors were responsible for guiding the students. The four guidance counselors were: Mrs. Clara Browne-James, Ms. Roxiomarah Richardson, Mrs. Xaviera Archangel, and Ms. Letiticia Flanders. The students, which travelled to Tallahassee, were welcome by the Tallahassee/St. Maarten Foundation. A welcome ceremony and orientation week with activities was organized for the nine students. The guidance counselors responsible for the students were Ms. Edwina Jacobs and Mrs. Jacqueline Roumou-Carty.

To date, approximately Naf. 2,321,384.00 has been paid out to 219 study financing recipients studying in St. Maarten and the Region (USA, Canada, England and other Caribbean islands). To date 73 students have not submitted their transcripts and 2016 Parental Tax Income Declaration.

Approximately Naf. 98,215.95 has been paid to 77 study financing recipients studying in the Netherlands. To date 48 students have not submitted their transcript and 2016 Parental Tax Income Declaration.

The Ministry ECYS is extremely proud with the high level of professionalism displayed by USC and the St. Maarten/Tallahassee Foundation and we are looking forward to future collaborations. Thanks to the efforts of all involved all the students have been able to complete the initial startup activities and transition process successfully.