Tax Administration Compliance Team

On August 21st 2017, the Compliance Team of the Tax Administration has started going door to door visiting businesses. All businesses in the Philipsburg area can expect a visit in the coming weeks. The purpose of the compliance team is to ensure that businesses are complying with their tax obligation as well as to update the database of the Tax Administration.


The team of 8 will request copies of business licenses, shareholder registration as well excerpts from the Chamber of Commerce. A questionnaire will be filled in and signed off by the interviewed business which indicates that the questions were answered truthfully. Business found non-compliant can be audited by the audit dept.


Businesses are reminded that based on art. 40 – 48 of the General ordinance on National taxes (Algemene landsverordening  landsbelastingen (ALL) they are obliged to provide information and access to buildings and grounds when requested to do so by the Tax Inspector, the Receiver or the foundation SBAB.