Asia Power Week

The Managing Board (“MB”) of GEBE has taken note of a recent news article containing incorrect information regarding recent activities pertaining to the Supervisory Board of Directors of GEBE and through this release would like to rectify all erroneous information, especially as it pertains to misinformation being spread regarding the Asia Power Week conference.

CEO of NV GEBE Mr. Kenrick Chittick explained that, in the need for NV GEBE to successfully implement the use of Renewable Energy and to acquire a broader knowledge of other power generation possibilities, members of the Supervisory Board of Directors deemed it important that they attain information from world experts who will present and discuss various aspects relating to Renewable Energy, at the renowned Asia Power Week.

Asia Power Week will permit the members of the Supervisory Board of Directors to gain an broader understanding on items such as; how renewable energy affects financing solutions for the company and community, the benefits of gas versus solar economics, the state of the art regarding renewable energy strategies and technologies, implications of a declining natural gas reserve and many other topics that will be pertinent to the affairs of NV GEBE.