President of Parliament Wescot and Lions discuss youth drug/alcohol use and bullying.

St. Maarten Lion’s Club president, A. Busby and Lion members Gumbs, Boirard and Johnson recently held discussions with the President of Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams, regarding the Lion’s Club focus on the youth for this lionistic year. Central to this theme are the topics of drug and alcohol use and abuse, and cyber bullying.


Bringing the permit ordinance that regards the sale of alcohol to minors in synch with the legal age of 18 was again a topic of discussion as was the need for a broad discussion on (cyber) bullying.


It was explained by the President of Parliament that tabling the initiative law to amend the permit ordinance as presented by the Minister of ECYS in her former capacity of MP, was still possible, but needs to be done by the NA faction in Parliament.


On the topic of bullying, the President of Parliament expressed her opinion that Parliament would gladly collaborate through hearings etc. to bring about awareness regarding (cyber) bullying.