TelEm Group engineers quickly resolve Wednesday afternoon equipment issue

Engineers in TelEm Group’s Network Operations Center (NOC) quickly resolved an equipment malfunction at the company’s Earth station on Pond Island limiting outage time to several important areas around the island Wednesday afternoon.


The alarm was raise shortly after 1:00 pm Wednesday and after some troubleshooting protocols engineers traced the problem to E1 circuits connecting TelEm Group’s 2G and pre-paid platforms and also neighbouring carriers Dauphin Telecom and Orange.


The outage cause interruptions in service to the Princess Juliana International  Airport (PJIAE) and also to some main customers, including American Express, Tropical Shipping , customers in Saba and customers utilizing Direct International Dialing (DID) numbers.


All circuits were restored at approximately 2:00 pm without further incident, however the NOC centre says it will continue to monitor equipment at the Earth station to safeguard again any reoccurrence of the problem.


TelEm Group takes this opportunity to apologize to all affected customers for any inconvenience caused by the interruption in service Wednesday afternoon.