NKBB Mission UN NY June-July 2017

A historical mission for the Dutch-Antilles Islands took place between June 13th  to July 2nd by civil society of Bonaire represented by Foundation Nos Kier Boneiru Bek, James Finies supported by the We Dare To Care Foundation, Davika Bissessar-Shaw. The people of Bonaire supported the Nos Kier Bonaire Bek (We Want Bonaire back), S.O.S. United Nations project to be re-listed on the non self-governing territories list of the United Nations. Showing this support the people of Bonaire donated extraordinary contributions through, BBQ, coin collection tins by supermarkets and events, private donations, business donations, fundraisers, to hire one of the worlds leading independent adviser on governance, a United Nations expert, Dr. Corbin and in order to make this project possible, reflecting only the people can save the people.


Due to the political instability where and while our Bonairian politicians fighting for position, power and forcing the voiceless people into annexation as second class Dutch citizens and not objecting as the Statian government, the Dutch government is not respecting the overwhelming results of December 2015 referendum, the democratic decision and rejection of the Bonerian peoples of the current illegal status and is in the process of re-colonization, modernized and institutionalized, a inhumane displacement and eradication of the Bonerian peoples.          


This milestone mission to represent our island who have no voice, no representation, no identity, was an astonishing experience at the United Nations which mayor objective it was founded on, to represent and stand as an alliance in defense against abuses, and according to article 73  for a just treatment for all nations and peoples who cannot defend their-selves, with due respect to their culture, social, economic, political and to protect their self-determination and human rights.


For the first time in the history of the Antilles, since 1955, the complete decolonization committee was presented with hard facts and the truth and were asked to address this problem that they never were aware of.  At the same time attention was drawn towards all of our five(5) sister islands, and light was brought to hidden truth of 63 years ago, when the United Nations General Assembly was misinformed about the decolonization process and Holland stopped reporting to the General Assembly.


New York the diplomatic capital with its big magnitude was not an easy task to fix, arrange and find all countries in the United Nations Special Committee C24 member-states and furthermore also members countries of the  Caribbean, Caricom member-states, Latin American member-states, Security Council member-states, a challenge beyond any one’s imagination. Even worse as civil society without finance or influence or rank but only determination and courage to represent and fight for the rights of the voiceless peoples.


It was a revelation that the Dutch Ambassador and representations of the Netherlands are portraying an innocent and clean image and aspiring to take a seat in the Security Council in 2018, hypocrisy at its highest because themselves are committing atrocities and violations of self-determination and human rights to the Bonerian and Statian peoples. United Nations member-states of the C24, the region, the Caricom member-states, Latin American member-states, Security Council member-states, is not the same anymore. All of them thought that we the  Antilles had the same rights as the Netherlands. Now they know the hidden truth.