Budding artist Nerissa Brooks captures TelEm Group building in paint

Budding artist, Nerissa Brooks, has used her love of art to capture the TelEm Group building on canvas for everyone to see.

Ten-year-old Nerissa is the daughter of TelEm Group Human Resources & Development Assistant, Carmita Brooks. According to mum, Nerissa considers the building her home away from home and her daughter thought it fitting to present her work to the management of TelEm Group during a brief ceremony last Wednesday.

The painting is a bold and bright representation of the company building on Pond Island in brilliant red and white against a deep blue sky with fluffy clouds ahead.

Nerissa admits to wanting to give up on the piece on several occasions, especially when she labored over getting the softness of the clouds, just right.

“My fingers and my hands were hurting me so much,” said the young artist, who also credited her mother and her art teacher Tess Verheij for encouraging and inspiring her to continue until the painting was completed.

Carmita thanked TelEm Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Mrs. Helma Etnel, and CEO Mr. Kendall Dupersoy for the encouragement of her daughter and also art teacher Tess Verheij, for allowing Nerissa to complete the painting during her art class.

“I am very proud of what she has done and the fact that she stuck to it,” said the proud mother.