Committee of Wise men starts research third week July

In accordance with the agreements between the Island Government of St. Eustatius, and the Secretary-General of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations a Committee of Wise men, consisting of Mr. Franssen and Mr. Refunjol, will do research into the functioning of the Public Entity of St. Eustatius. The Committee will visit the island several times to hold talks with stakeholders within the public administration and beyond. The Committee wants to make it known that the first visit takes place from July 13th until July 21st. The preparation of the programme is being worked on hard.


The Committee will soon issue a personal invitation to stakeholders to invite them for conversation. Nevertheless, the Committee would like to speak to any person who wants to and have the need for this. That is why the necessary flexibility will be built into the programme. Within short it will be made known publicly how interested persons can contact the Committee. The talks are of course confidential.


The Committee expects ultimately in September to present a report of its findings.