“The Law Matters to You” lecture series returns with focus on Criminal Law

The Department of Communication and the University of St. Martin will have another “The Law Matters to You” lecture at the University of St. Martin on June 6, 2017.


The topic of the lecture will be on Criminal Law, and the keynote speaker will be Attorney at Law Zylena Bary, who specializes in Civil and Criminal Law.


The Law Matters To You lecture series is an initiative and joint collaboration of the Department of Communication and the University of St. Martin; it is a project aimed at informing and providing educational lectures to the general public in all matters pertaining to the law.


Previous lectures were on the Court and Legal System, Inheritance Law, and Electoral Laws. These lectures were taped and edited as DCOMM Special Programs which have been aired on SXM Cable TV and can be seen at any time on the Government of Sint Maarten YouTube Channel.


Head of the Department of Communication, Rodney Richardson, said that “This lecture will be the first for 2017 and promises to very interesting as it covers Criminal Law which can affect anyone in the blink of an eye. With proper awareness and information citizens of the country can be prepared to handle this area of the Law when it affects them”


“The Law Matters To You lectures are aimed to educate the general public on their rights as a citizen so I encourage the community at large to take advantage of the opportunity to gather information.”


President of the University of St. Martin, Francio Guadeloupe, pointed out that crime affects all of us.


“There are the various types: the petty crime, physical crimes: child  abuse, rape, domestic abuse; arson, murder, cybercrimes as well, not to forget fraud, hate crimes, manslaughter, stalking, drunk driving, and others. Crimes are various and they are committed by all types of people,” said Mr. Guadeloupe.


“And though burglaries and robberies of supermarkets or physical abuse by working class youths (boys on the block) attract most media attention, there should not be the exclusion of the other types of crime—the white collar types of crimes, of those persons  who wear jackets and ties. Both deserve attention.”


The general public is asked to come out to the lecture and hear what Ms. Bary has to present about Criminal Law.