Division Public Education hosts Motivational Day for Cycle II Year 4 Students

The Division of Public Education (DPE) within the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport is hosting a Motivational Day for the Public Schools’ cycle II year 4 students on Tuesday, May 23rd and today, Wednesday, May 24th. The theme for this years’ Motivational Day is “Being Dependable helps you get the results you want.” The Motivational day is a two part event and also consists of a Career Fair. The Career Fair is geared towards helping the students to find their path from early on, also inciting ideas on possible future careers. The various stakeholders present were; St. Maarten Medical Center nurses, Sector Health Departments, Mrs. Georgiane Adriana-Henriquez, Ambulance Department, Fire Department, Mr. Cleon Federick, NIPA, Adriana’s Catering, Gaia Nails, St. Maarten Tourist Bureau, Mr. Celestine, Mr. Joslyn Richardson, St. Maarten Air Traffic Control, Mr. Walton Holiday, Auto Bev System, Staff of DPE. The keynote speech was given by Mr. Lenworth Wilson Jr.

“Today’s plan will focus on being dependable, which will allow you to refocus once again as you’re moving to another chapter in life, where you will have to adjust your mindset, your attitude, and you’ll begin to comprehend your life’s path and goals,” the Minister of Education, Ms. Silveria Jacobs said.

The head of Division Public Education, Mrs. Glenderline Davis-Holiday addressed the students and thanked the stakeholders and the staff of DPE on a job well done.

The Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport wished the students a successful and productive Motivational Day and Career Fair and congratulated all who took part in organizing and ensuring the success of the event.