Minister of VROMI to respond to questions regarding pipes and pumps in/at Great Salt pond.

The matter of the water pumps in the great salt pond, which was brought to my attention several weeks ago was a matter of discussion in the governing coalition not long ago. Upon my inquiries, the minister invited persons of his ministry to provide clarity on this project.

The questions posed by me, have been also posed to the minister in writing and I have requested the minister to present his answers in person in parliament. I chose this route, because this will allow the minister during a public meeting to present his answers without the sometimes long-windedness of a discussion in parliament.

It is the prerogative of an MP, asking questions to a Minister to request that the answers be given during a meeting of parliament.


My questions were the following and the minister is expected to respond specifically to these questions during a upcoming public meeting of parliament:


It appears that there are 2 “water-related” projects for the  Great Salt Pond (Pond)  which have been halted, viz. one to pump water on the dump and another to regulate the water level in the Pond, when weather conditions make this necessary.


  1. Can the Minister confirm this?
  2. If confirmed, who commissioned these projects?
  3. What was the scope of the projects?
  4. What was the cost per project?
  5. What parts of the projects were completed?
  6. How much was paid for these projects?
  7. How much is  still owed for these projects?
  8. Is  it government’s  intention to complete these projects? And if not, why not?
  9. What is the cost to complete these projects?


In such a case, the rules of parliament stipulate that no debate takes place, but the MP who posed the questions can ask a brief follow up question.