Presentation of customs dogs on Bonaire

On Thursday, April 20th, the Customs / Tax Office CN presented the customs dogs during a festive gathering on the pier. Caprice, Silke, Jacky and Destiny, along with their leaders, demonstrated their skills in detecting. Jacky is the very first detective dog who specializes in tracking coral, conch shells and sea turtles. The customs detective dogs are one of the instruments used by customs for the sake of the safety of the society.

B/CN director Nichalin Martina: “Bonaire is a beautiful island and we want everyone to enjoy the beautiful nature also in the future, with the use of this flora and fauna dog we can contribute to the protection of nature in Bonaire”.


The detective dogs can be deployed not only to Customs, but also the the  chain partners, such as the police, Coast Guard and the Correctional Institution may call for the assistance of the dogs.