Sarah: “Plastic Bags ban a small but important step in the process of effective waste management”

As one of her first stakeholders’ consultation, MP Sarah Wescot-Williams met with Nature Foundation’s manager, Tadzio Bervoets to discuss her proposal to ban the use of plastic bags.

As the MP already made clear, there is a draft initiative law at parliament, going back to 2014, seeking to address the same matter, however in a more indirect way.

“My proposal is to amend the General Police Ordinance and prohibit the use of plastic bags”. “This of course will require the input and cooperation of stakeholders, not only environmental organizations, but also suppliers, supermarkets etc. “.

Coincidentally, in one of its recent reports regarding the dump, the Nature Foundation recommends banning plastic bags and styrofoam containers. The approach by MP Wescot is modeled after the one taken by Aruba, which is already in force.

The next step is to broaden the circle of stakeholders and decide together on the next steps.