Students of Leonald Conner School tour Government Administration Building

Friday, March 31st 2017 will long be remembered by students of Cycle 1- Grade 1 of the Leonald Conner School as they visited the New Government Building and got the opportunity to meet and greet most of the Ministers.


On the first half of the tour led by Mr. Erno Labega the students and their teacher, Miss. Elisia Lake were taken to the 4th floor of the building where they met Civil Servants and Department Heads working in the Ministry of General Affairs.


Prime Minister, the Honorable William Marlin completed the second half of the tour by guiding the students to each of the Cabinets of the Council of Ministers. Prime Minister Marlin explained the young students that the visit was extra special to him, as more than 40 years ago he became the principal of the same school. Minister Jacobs, who was in Cuba at a conference was one of his students in the 70’s and she went on to become a teacher as well and several years ago, before serving as Minister, Miss. Silveria Jacobs, was also School  Manager of the same school.


Each Minister took the time to welcome the students with open arms and gave them a brief explanation of their function within the Council of Ministers. As the tour concluded the students were presented with a small gift package and a handout specially prepared for them with photos and information about the Cabinet Ministers. Pictures of the students interacting with the Ministers are available on the Facebook page SXMGOV.