Minister Jacobs attends SVOBE gala dinner

On March 22nd, Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport attended the SVOBE gala dinner at the Westin Hotel. In attendance were His Excellency, Governor E.B. Holiday and his spouse Mrs. Holiday, Honorable Prime Minister William Marlin and his spouse Mrs. Marlin.

Minister Jacobs addressed the crowd at the gala. “We are seeing a growing trend that vocational is losing its taint as something negative or for lesser intelligent students; it’s just a different type of intelligence. As a Ministry we are doing a lot of research to ensure that we are catering to all the needs of our students and that the students are receiving the best quality of education there is to offer. Milton Peters and Sundial schoolboards have been two schools which have been innovative and making progress.”

Minister Jacobs congratulated the schools with all of the strides they are making to ensure higher quality of education for the students and wished much continued success and cooperation.