VSA Celebrates World Oral Health Day

Taking care of your oral health has a positive impact on your general health and well-being, helping you live a better quality of life into old age. Oral health is much more than a nice smile. Oral disease can affect every aspect of your life – including your ability to perform basic functions. An unhealthy mouth, for example if you have gum disease, can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, pancreatic cancers and pneumonia. Therefore, it is important for everyone to practice good oral hygiene”, stated Minister Emil Lee in commemoration of World Oral Health Day.

During press briefing on Wednesday, Minister Lee that encouraged the community to get involved. The Department of Collective Prevention Services (CPS) has planned a month filled with activities. From a coloring competition to mobile visits with the Dental Bus to various organizations such as:

  • Sister Basilia Center
  • Mental Health Foundation
  • Ujima Foundation
  • ASA Foundation

On Monday, Minister Lee attended to session at the Sister Basilia Center where he gave opening remarks encouraged the residents to be pro-active about oral hygiene.

“I would like to thank the staff and our Dental Care Coordinator Mrs. Irma Gumbs-Knight for their hard work in making this initiative possible”, said Minister Lee.