USFOL Volunteers Organize Fun Day for BSF Youth 

On March 17, 2017, 45 members from the U.S. Forward Operating Location (USFOL) organized a Fun Day for 56 youth and five adults from Brigada di Seguridat I Formashon (BSF).


Youth from the Brigade participated in workshops at the USFOL that provided hands-on opportunities to learn about firefighting, law enforcement, medical assistance, workplace safety, and fitness training.


“The BSF is very grateful for the opportunity to visit the USFOL. The members of BSF where captivated by it all. They learned a lot and also had a great view on what the USFOL does,” BSF Director, Rashel Hawker said.

March 2017 FOL Fun Day 1

Since 2000, the USFOL has built strong partnerships with local community-based organizations to express their appreciation for the hospitality they have received from the citizens of Curacao