Vehicle windows must have 70 or more percentage visibility

Vehicles on St. Maarten with tinted driver’s window, front passenger’s window and windshield must have up 70 or more per cent visibility, according to the law regulating tinted vehicles. The exact text of this law states: “There should be a 70 per cent transmittance of light.”

The Prosecutor’s Office hereby clarifies the press release issued on Monday related to the tint regulation and the start of control to enforce the existing regulation. Monday’s release incorrectly stated that the windshield and front windows may be tinted only up to 15 per cent.

This clarification is issued in response to the many questions posed to the Prosecutor’s Office and Police by concerned residents who wanted to ensure they were adhering to the law and no incur any fine in the road controls.

Motorists are urged to ensure their vehicles are in accordance with the. Motorists who are not compliant with the legislation will be fined and will have to remove the tint on the stop in the presence of police.