Students visit Police Head Quarters

On Thursday March 16th a group of students in the ages of six and seven years of age from the Leonard Connor School in Cole Bay under the guidance of teacher Elisia Lake visited the Police Head Quarter in Philipsburg on a field trip to meet the officers and to find out what the police does on a daily bases.

L. Conner school 6

The group was met and welcomed by Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson of the Public Relation and Communication Department. A complete tour of the police department with an explanation of what the task is of each department was given by the Community Police Officer Rensley Henson.

L. conner school 7

The students were quite enthusiastic during the tour and expressed their gratitude towards CPO Rensley Henson by thanking him and the police department for the job they are doing to keep them safe. Two students then gave CPO Rensley Henson a big hug and at the same time handed him a handcrafted card stating “You are the best.”