Sarah tests the system of Kingdom’s responsibilities in the case of “de-risking”. 

The MP’s letter has gone out to the Kingdom government requesting the Kingdom council of ministers’ views on the matter of derisking by foreign banks.

Member of Parliament, S. Wescot-Williams has sent her letter via the St. Maarten’s minister of finance, Mr. Richard Gibson, as “there are no procedural instruments to channel such questions”.

The St. Maarten member of parliament argues that this matter, given its importance and the reliance on the Dutch government for its support, should be seen as a guarantee function of the Kingdom government.

“Often the contentious guarantee function is seen as a way by the Kingdom  Council of Ministers to impose the will of the kingdom government, but what about guaranteeing the legal certainty (rechtszekerheid) of the citizens, which  I believe an issue such as derisking by foreign banks directly affects?”

This derisking continues to be a issue of serious concerns for the entire Caribbean region, as enforcement by foreign banks could cut off the national financial systems from the rest of the world.

Before asking the Finance Minister to forward her question to the Kingdom government, MP Wescot-Williams asked Minister Gibson to expound on his assertion that the Dutch government was “not cooperative”.

“His answers strengthened  my argument that the kingdom government must step up to the plate.”

In her letter to the Kingdom council of ministers the MP queries the council’s awareness of the derisking dilemma and calls the Kingdom council out on the guarantee function to protect the livelihood of the St.Maarten’s citizenry.

“The Kingdom council of ministers surely can not say, they have not been asked. Let’s see how the democratic deficit plays out”, the MP concluded.