Sarah congratulates the people and political parties of the Netherlands; makes special mention of D66.

The Dutch election results are in and the voters have turned out massively to  vote for the candidate and party of their choice.   I congratulate the people of the Netherlands and the parties that have earned the trust of the voters.

The VVD of Prime Minister Mark Rutte deserves special mention, coming out of the election as the biggest party in terms of total seats.

Special mention is also made of the D66 and its leader, Alexander Pechtold, which as a party I believe will push for improved and respectful relations in the Dutch Kingdom. That is my fervent hope, in any case.  The next step of course is  the formation of the next government for the Netherlands. Noteworthy is the aspect of the formation, where the factions through the chair of parliament  take the lead in this process. This used to be the role of the monarch (King, formerly Queen).

The many analyses of the election results in the Netherlands and the voting patterns established through polling etc. make me more determined to push for voters education on St. Maarten, so that we too are challenged as political parties, not  (only) as personalities of the respective parties, but more so on where we stand on issues. The voters’  education in this respect should also include the reality of government/cabinet formations and the need to arrive at consensus and compromise on some issues in the interest of forming a government.