SXMDOET spruces up various public schools

The Ministry of  Education, Culture, Youth and Sport in collaboration with the SXMDOET added some flare to three public schools with peace murals on the second day of the SXMDOET projects on Saturday March 11, 2017. The idea of the peace mural was to produce  a more positive environment for the students to be surrounded by on a daily. The peace murals were produced to depict various themes such as tolerance, unity and determination, which can be used and practiced in the everyday lives of the students, teachers, management and staff.

The Leonald Conner School had a story line, which portrays anti-bullying and tolerance towards people. The Marie Genevieve de Weever School’s mural outlines St. Martin with people holding hands portraying unity amongst all human beings. The Ruby Labega School’s mural has ladders which represents the determination needed to climb the ladders and achieve success with the theme.


The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School, although not a direct part of the SXMDOET and Ministry ECYS collaboration, on its own, signed up and executed a beautification project on the school grounds. Minister Jacobs commended the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School management and staff for taking the initiative on their own to beautify the school. “We need to continue creating safe and positive environments for our students, as they spend equally as much time at school as they do at home,” Minister Jacobs added.

“I’d like to thank the artists; Mr. Thomas, Ms. Lucida “La Rich” Audain, and Mr. Ras Mosera and their assistants for contributing their time and talents to the schools and students to execute the projects. I’d also like to thank the school management and staff, teachers and students for allowing us to carry out the project and for participating. Thank you to the coordinators within the Cabinet ECYS, and the school representatives for being the liaison between the schools and the Cabinet. Last but not least, I’d like to thank Melanie Choisy and Fleur Hermanides, for making SXMDOET possible and providing opportunities to give back to our community,” Minister Jacobs concluded.


Next year, the Ministry will once again team up for the SXMDOET projects. However, as promised, throughout the year, the other public schools will also have projects carried out on the school premises.