Road works contractor cuts TelEm Group cable in Weymouth Hill area

A road works contractor working in the Weymouth Hill area in South Reward, severed a TelEm Group underground cable Tuesday evening leaving residents without telecommunication services.


The contractor was paving the road at the time and considered the underground telecommunication cable to be out of service, however it was not.


 According to Manager, Outside Plant, Mr. Marco London, as soon as the cable was cut, service went down. He said a team was sent to inspect the damage however it was impractical to begin splicing the severed cable until the following morning.


“Our work teams are now in the area and customers in Weymouth Hill can expected to be reconnected by this afternoon,” said Mr. London at approximately 9:30 am this morning.


He said the damage was beyond TelEm Group’s control and noted that the contractor has been contacted and asked to give an explanation for their action in cutting a company cable.


The Manager, Outside Plant, has meantime apologized to residents in the area for the interruption to their telecommunication services.