Clean up to take place at Civil Registry & Receivers Office, Closed until Monday

The Ministry of General Affairs hereby informs the general public that the building that houses the Civil Registry and the Receivers Office will be closed until Monday March 13th.  An extensive cleanup of the building will take place following the discovery of  an unpleasant odor on Wednesday morning.  The Fire Department along with staff of the Ministry of VROMI assessed the situation and has ruled out any possible electrical or fire damage.


The Receivers Office will be closed to the general public during the cleanup and reopen its operations on Monday March 13th.


The Civil Registry Department will open on Thursday, Friday March 9th & 10th, and operate from the Marriage Hall section of the building and render a “Pick up Service” for persons that have already paid for services earlier and can provide proof of payment for their documents. Persons are also required to bring their previous or expired document when coming for “pick up”. The list of documents to  be picked up are as follows,


ID Cards

Driver’s Licenses


Declaration Forms


The Civil Registry will open from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm, while the branch at the Public Service Center Simpson Bay will open from 8:30 am until 12:00 pm for persons that requested their documents from that location.


The general public will be informed as the issues are resolved and public services are restored. The Ministry of General Affairs apologizes for any inconvenience this closure may cause.