MHF and Julie Alcin team up for SXM DOET

On Friday March 10th from 2 PM to 5 PM and Saturday March 11 2017 from 10 AM to 1 PM MHF will team up with Ms. Julie Alcin to host an arts & craft workshop. 


Julie Alcin has been instrumental in trying to raise awareness for mental health and to do this she came up with a project called “Letters of May”.  Letters of May will be publishing artwork (writing, letters, poets, drawings and paintings) to allow persons that deal with or have dealt with mental health to tell their story in way that spreads hope, educates, and help put an end to stigma. This project has the following goals; raising awareness for mental health, giving hope to those that struggle with mental health, showing how it is to live with mental health, helping putting an end to the stigma on mental health and educating others on mental health.


The event is sponsored by SXM DOET, and therefore, materials, food and drinks will be provided, interested participants are asked to bring your creative mind and spirit.


If transportation is a problem, the MHF will try to organize some pick-ups and drop-offs,  you are kindly requested to let us know within a timely manner if you want to be picked up and/or dropped off by the MHF bus (by calling 5421677 extension 507 or 515).


The art workshop will be held at SOIL in Betty’s Estate, who also contributed to the event by offering a discounted price.


MHF would like to request all persons who would like to attend to come coming Friday at 2 PM and Saturday at 10 AM to create some beautiful artworks.