Armed robberies under investigation

The Special Unit robbery is presently investigating two separate armed robberies which took place on Thursday March 2nd.

The first robbery took place at around 02.30 a.m.  in the vicinity  of  Sky Lounge bar on Amazon road. The female victim was walking on her way home, when two unknown men driving in a car drove up to her and forcefully stole her bag containing her personal belongings from her. After committing the act both suspects drove away.

The second robbery took place at around 07.45 p.m. close to Blue Mall and Villa Coral Beach. A tourist couple was walking on that street holding hands and was suddenly forced apart by two men on a scooter who rode directly between the couple. The suspect then approached the female victim and by using a “taser” stole her handbag from her. After committing this act both suspects fled the scene.

The police department is informing the general public and the visitors to the island who are staying in the Cupe Coy and Low Lands area, that the recent robberies have our fullest attention and that they can rest assure that all that is necessary is being done to combat this situation.