GB Energy St. Maarten Texaco held their Employee Kick Off Event at Maho Sonesta. The event was a leadership initiative to illustrate their appreciation for their employees and their daily contributions to the advancement of the company.  The event consisted of a Motivational Speech, Team Building Exercise and a brainstorming session to set measurable goals and initiatives for the year.

Training Professionals International Firm, (TPI) was consulted for the event based on their reputation to motivate employees, facilitate unique, innovative team building exercises and Dr. Natasha Gittens, President and CEO’s ability to mesmerize diverse work cultures and foster a rejuvenated spirit amongst employees has proven effective. .” The presentation focused on Self-Management, Performance Excellence, Leadership Initiative, Work Culture and building Synergy.

GB Energy St. Maarten Texaco is a vital part of St. Maarten and is an organization that believes in ensuring that their products, services and employees are the best in their sector. When organizations make events like this a priority, one thing is certain. They care about employee performance, high level customer relations and the professional development of their valued employees.  “When employees embrace this type of platform, high performance becomes a way of day-to-day business and not a distant wishful desire” stated Gittens.

Mr. Szabo, Managing Director of GB Energy St. Maarten Texaco stated:   ¨We strive to give the highest level of service and operational excellence to our customers and that’s only possible thanks to our employees. As our chairman Mr. Bigio says, “people makes us who we are”.


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