Lagoon Authority advises Simpson Bay Lagoon boaters and other maritime traffic to be observant of channel markers   

The Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority (SLAC) is advising boaters and other maritime traffic within the Simpson Bay Lagoon (Dutch side) to be observant of channel markers in order to have a safe passage within the lagoon.

The Lagoon Authority also advises for boaters to stay away from shallow areas as well as unmarked areas.

When approaching or departing private marinas, boat captains are advised to communicate with marina operators with respect to water depths, approach and departure routes as well as docking procedures.

The Lagoon Authority is responsible for maintaining the current shipping lanes in the Simpson Bay Lagoon.  Sint Maarten inland water buoys conform with IALA (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities) Zone B specifications.

Other responsibilities of the Lagoon Authority are: operating and maintaining the J.S. Lejeuz Bridge in Simpson Bay; collecting the bridge fees for the J.S. Lejeuz Bridge; collecting the mooring fees in the Simpson Bay Lagoon; supporting the Government in creating policies for the management and administration of the Simpson Bay Lagoon; monitoring activities of vessels and persons in the Simpson Bay Lagoon, including possible waste and fuel disposals, and report any incidents or irregularities to the competent authorities of the Government; advising the Government on development matters of the Simpson Bay Lagoon; and operating the Simpson Bay Causeway.