Young men from the area of South Reward were recruited for emergency work on the Arrowroot Road Sewage line connection project

Subcontractor for the Sewage line connection project on Arrowroot Road, D’MYRA General Maintenance and Construction, recruited a group of young men to carry out emergency work last weekend to ensure that the project stays on schedule.


In the week to come the sewage line connection project on the Arrowroot Road will be entering the next phase where homes are connected to the sewage mainline.

D’MYRA is in the process of recruiting young men from the area of South Reward for the continuation of the project. These young men will not only be helping with the construction, but also educated on the processes, intricacies of the work and materials used, which they can utilize in the future if looking for work in the construction field.

The connection of the homes is expected to take approximately 3 weeks.


The Honorable Minister of VROMI, Minister C. Emmanuel, was also present operating the excavator and giving a helping hand in the emergency work. Minister Emmanuel is pleased with how the work has been progressing and thanks the affected residents in the area for their patience during the construction process.