One infrastructure – the future of telecommunications in St. Maarten

The Director of Bureau Telecommunications and Post St. Maarten Mr. Anthony Carty is pleased with the development whereby large operators and service providers are working together diligently in the roll out of their fiber optics networks.


As the new appointed CEO of Telem already mentioned earlier this week; if operators are collaborating in their roll-out plans, they can drastically reduce their operational cost which will ultimately benefit the end-users.


We therefore applaud the proactive approach of the Telem Management Team in this matter, by bringing all the large players to the table to talk with each other instead of talking about each other. It demonstrates the commitment of all parties involved in the further development of communication services on St. Maarten.


We are pleased with the “Trench Sharing” plan of approach that is recently taking place. BTP conducted a study in 2016 and is planning to take it a step further by also promoting “Network Sharing”. As cost saving by trenching together is already large, on must think about the amount of money that can be saved if the different operators and service providers can share infrastructure together. There is a considerable overlap on implementation at this time, and that’s the reason why BTP is a proponent of the establishment of an entity that operates and maintains the core fiber optic infrastructure on which licensed network operators and service providers may render communication applications, services and content to businesses, residents and tourists. By doing so, BTP wants to create more efficiencies, and reduce roll-out cost even more, in order for the end-users to get services over a high quality network, against the most cost effective rates.


The conclusion in the 2016 study carried out by BTP “FttX Policy Outline”, with the involvement of all large operators and service providers – is clear. It states that: “the better approach for the St. Maarten Society, Economy and the telecom market is to combine resources in a nationwide fiber network upon which all present and future network operators, service and content providers can deliver services to their customers in an indiscriminate fashion”.


Bureau Telecommunications and Post St. Maarten presented a position paper in 2016 to the previous Minister of TEATT, and will continue to work closely with the current administration & important stakeholders, in the development of a National Broadband Policy (NBP). Legal- and licensing framework will be outlined that will support the establishment of a national network entity in support of the NBP. Technical assessments of constructed networks by the different operators, and detailed network sharing guidelines will also be part of the plan.


Carty continued: “Mission of BTP is to attain a balance environment in which consumer interest are protected, and to support the introduction of new technologies and services which will promote socio-economic development and overall growth of the nation. To advance this objective, BTP wishes to be fully engaged in the establishment of a future proof fiber-optics network that will be of maximum benefit to all stakeholders in the country”.