Man arrested for illegal firearm possession

Based on information of illegal firearm possession and the good working cooperation between the RST and the police force (KPSM), another man with initials R.B. (36) was arrested at is home located at Fort Willem on Wednesday February 8th at approximately 03.00 p.m. after it was searched by law officials. During this search a handgun was found by the investigating officers and confiscated for further investigation. The suspect was taken to police head quarters in Philipsburg where he remains in custody pending further questioning.

The police department continues to receive calls from members in the community regarding crime and criminal activities taking place on the island. These cases are all taken very seriously and being investigated thoroughly. After sufficient information is gathered the situation is dealt with immediately.

The police department thanks those persons in the community for sharing this information with them and encourages them to continue calling in. As a result of the information shared many cases under investigation continue to progress positively. Crime is not only a police problem but a community problem. It is time that the community says “enough is enough”. They should pick up the phone and dial  54-22222 ext 213 – 214, the police anonymous tip line # 9300 or the emergency line 911.