Urgent call to unification in defense of the Bonerian peoples

Now that the current  yes-government  of tolerance has came to an end the opportunity rises for Bonaire to have a government that follow the direction that the Bonerian peoples has indicated in the referendum of December 2015, where as never before the Bonerian peoples united and massively rejected the actual colonial status.


Fact is that shortly, beginning of coming March , the 2nd chamber Dutch elections will be held and after the elections the new government of Holland is free to make the second reading to finalize the embedding of us as colony under legalized racism and apartheid conditions in their constitution.


Meanwhile there has been clearly exposed that Dutch politicians did not and will not let loose of their past and roots as colonizers and has not shown sign to have consciousness or human feelings and neither are respecting democracy nor the rights of the BES peoples, including the Bonerian peoples. We are not left other possibility then to seek for other alternatives, other avenues to realize our rights anchored into international treaties.


After the Bonerian and of Sint Eustatius peoples has spoken clearly in their referendum that they do not want to continue this direction, the current colonial constellation, we have noted and experienced that on Sint Eustatius their government has followed the mandate of their peoples and has started the process to exit the BES and are aspiring and are working on their own constitution for a new autonomous and associated relationship with Holland in the Dutch Kingdom according to norms and standards of the United Nations. On Bonaire the opposite is the case where the Yes-government, which has campaigned publicly against the decision of the Bonerian peoples, which with 65% of No-votes has rejected the actual status and together with the Dutch government has decided to violate the rule of law and democracy and start the process to anchor, embed unilaterally the Bonerian peoples against their wish and decision in the Dutch constitution. The actual governments of Bonaire and Holland are violating and are not complying with their duty as government, to respect, protect and fulfill the treaties, resolutions and human rights of self-determination and right to development of the Bonerian peoples.


This is a crucial moment in our history looking what is ahead of us and because of the burden and consequences of embedding of our peoples in the Dutch constitution, we are making a dramatic and urgent call on the fraction of Democratic party, especially their leadership to put aside their personal and internal issues and unite back with the peoples, unite back for Bonaire and together with fractions of UPB and Raphaela which are not supporting anymore the Yes-government and start the process same as Sint Eustatius to re-enlistment as a non-self-governing-territories and get guidance and protection of the United Nations and exit BES which has resulted in a  complete failure and realize the wishes, decision and rights of the Bonerian peoples.  You can count on the support of our brothers in the Kingdom and also from the international community to help the Bonerian peoples with a fair and just process to realize their right to self-determination and realize their self-government same as Sint Eustatius in the Kingdom with alliance and protection of our brothers and according to norms and standards of the United Nations. Respecting, protecting and fulfilling as government the Bonerian peoples inalienable rights to self-determination and right to development, we finally could experience and enjoy our fundamental right to freedom and equality that will ensure the welfare and happiness of the Bonerian peoples in the Dutch Kingdom.




James Finies, Nos Kier Boneiru Bek