Mrs. Shermina Powell, accompanied by UNICEF’s consultant, Mr Kastberg paid a visit to the Chairlady of Parliament, Mrs. Sarah Wescot-Williams during Mr. Kastberg’s visit to St. Maarten. Mrs. Wescot is familiar with Mr. Kastberg’s work, having received presentations from him before in the areas of children’s rights and protection.
With the 2 officials, the Chairlady was able to hear and discuss the challenges facing the youth of our island, while making progress in some areas.
” I was happy to learn that concurrent approaches are being taken as far as our youth is concerned. I believe this should result in a cross-ministerial plan with concrete actions aimed at addressing the challenges in a sustainable and collaborative manner. A more people-focused approach (be it youth, elderly, entrepreneurs etc. ) lends itself for this type of cross-ministerial approach and yields more measurable results.