CHATA Elects New Board of Directors

CHATA on its way to celebrate its 50th Anniversary

CHATA held its annual year-opening event in which it welcomed the New Year together with its members and partners. This event took place at CHATA member Licores Maduro. This year, CHATA took the opportunity to share its message for 2017, elect a new board of directors and officially thanked Past President & CEO, Ms. Lizanne Dindial for her time at CHATA.   Our message for 2017 is for us (Curaçao) to look back and celebrate all that has been done in the past 50 years. Newly appointed CHATA President & CEO, Miles B M Mercera shared his views about taking on tourism as a #Team. He stated, “The ingredients for a successful tourism industry starts with jumping out of our comfort zone. Strategies of the past might not be the strategies applicable in 2017 and beyond. Other ingredients for success are for us to be innovative, adaptable, and to think big! Most of the time we settle for less, but it is important for us to aim for perfection and Trust the path we have chosen together.”   CHATA aims to continue to remain focused on the priorities and focus on our membership where Transparency and communication are key! CHATA concluded that the year 2016 was a year of self-reflection and overcoming challenges. It was a year that led to structural changes in our association which at the end should serve as a solid foundation for the next couple of years. The aim is for the recent changes to be reflected in our membership, with a stronger participation and involvement of all members and stakeholders.   With millions invested on the island of Curaçao (600 Million guilders invested in room inventory), the private tourism sector should take giants steps forward #together. The Return on investment (For Every 3 cents invested in tourism, we get 1 guilder back in Curaçao) of Tourism for the island of Curaçao is greater than any other business opportunity. Tourism is the best, if not the only quick win to stimulate economic development for the island of Curaçao.     The Advanced Board Elections of CHATA also took place on February 7th 2017, as approved in December of 2016 by the CHATA Members. A Complete new board has been elected by membership. The newly elected board consists of the following CHATA members:

Mr. Cedric Nubul Hilton Curaçao
Mr. Darren Law Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort
Mr. Frank Holtslag Floris Suite Hotel
Mr. Hans Slier Papagayo Curaçao
Mr. Jeroen Kibbelaar Impacto BV & Securitas BV
Mr. Jorge Espejo Sunscape Curaçao
Mr. Oliver Zahn Baoase Luxury Resort
Mr. Omar van der Dijs Licores Maduro
Mr. Robbin Vogels Avila Beach Hotel
Mr. Sander Winterberg Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort
Ms. Peggy Croes Curaçao Airport Partners

CHATA would like to thank outgoing Board member and Past Chairman of CHATA, Mr. Will Vogels from Lions Dive Curacao, Board Member Irene Ferreira from Trupial Inn, Eduardo Reple from Marriott Curaçao, Kenneth Canword from Orco Bank and Wilhelmus Ignacio from Curaçao Airport Holding for their dedication and commitment shown in the CHATA board. CHATA is convinced that the newly appointed board of directors will continue with the mission and vision of CHATA and contribute to the development of a sustainable tourism industry with a strong focus on public and private partnership.