Pocket- & clothing allowance for Pensioners in care institutions increased

A change in the law per January 1st, 2017 makes it possible for persons who have an Old Age or who collect a Window & Orphan Pension and who live in care institutions to receive pocket – and clothing allowance. From now on, the complete Old Age pension or Window Orphan pension will no longer go to the care institution. The persons themselves or a legal representative will receive directly a part of the benefit for personal expenses. The amount is 59 USD per month for Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius 71 USD on 72 USD.


For persons in an institution this change means a new form of pocket- and clothing allowance, where the interests of the client within one benefit scheme can be promoted. This ensures that the client self can take care of his/her personal expenses without the need to rely on the general social assistance or on others.


The Ministries of Social Affairs and Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) have received signals about problems of people who live in a care facility. Currently the complete AOV-or AWW payment of these persons is still released to the health care provider. Often the institutions receive an amount for pocket-and clothing allowance from the general social assistance. This amount is 8 USD every two weeks. This amount is considered as insufficient to cover the personal expenses.


The State Secretary of Social Affairs and Employment has in the past (during a CN-week) pledged willingness to resolve the problem. Therefore, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) the current pocket- and clothing arrangement is made.


For the care institution the new pocket- and clothing allowance scheme is budget neutral.


Persons concerned and their legal representatives will be informed during information sessions within healthcare institutions about what the new pocket- and clothing allowance scheme entails, who is entitled to these benefit and how the money will be paid and when.