Minister Jacobs congratulates Mr. York on 100th birthday

The Minister and Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, would like to congratulate Mr. George Frederick Adolphus York who celebrated his 100th birthday on January 27, 2017. Mr. York is indeed a cultural pillar of St. Martin, as well as the community of Middle Region where he resided. He is the epitome of what it means to live a long and healthy life. As the grandfather of many of our recognizable musical and artistic talents, including our very own Head of Department of Culture. The Ministry recognizes Mr. George Frederick aka Freddy York as the root of tangible & intangible cultural heritage evident in the music of the pan, calypso, musical talent, sound production, poetry and others too numerous to mention of his offspring which share his genes.

Our younger generation should use Mr. York as an example of what it means to live life to  the fullest and continue on the path of being life-long learners. Mr. York professed to be one who loved to take long walks, and get lots of rest. His sense of humor as recounted by his children and grandchildren also speaks of an attitude to enjoy life that he possesses.

Minister Jacobs is proud to have represented the Ministry and country by extension in attending the special church service as well as the reception in honor of our centurion, Mr. York over the weekend. In paying tribute, she further challenged his family to record his stories, so that his memory could go down in the annals of history for all on St. Martin and abroad to benefit from. To the York family, continue to cherish every moment with Mr. York, it is truly a blessing to achieve such a milestone as 100 years. Middle Region and St. Maarten is proud to honor Mr. Freddy York.