Sandra Martina 1st female Labor Inspector in the Caribbean Netherlands

Sandra Martina is the first female Labor Inspector in the Caribbean Netherlands. After an intensive study she was sworn in as Special agent of the police (BAVPOL). This means that she can take criminal measures in certain situations, for example to write a police report. This enables the labour inspectorate to do the job better. She was sworn in by the Chief of Police, Mr. Rosales.

beediging Sandra

The duration of the course was about four months. Her experience with this programme is that it is a very tough course. “You have to be ready and convinced that you can do it, in order to succeed. It is a course that requires a lot of time. After hard work and a lot of dedication, I have received my certificate BAVPOL and I was sworn in as a Labour Inspector. I am very proud and happy with the result’, said Sandra.