Improving the position of victims in the Caribbean Netherlands

Survivors or victims of violence in the Caribbean Netherlands will be able to claim compensation from the Schadefonds Geweldsmisdrijven (Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund) in the future.


The Minister of Security and Justice, Van der Steur, announced this today during his working visit to Bonaire. “This is an important step to further improve the position of victims in the Caribbean Netherlands” according to the minister. Van der Steur will amend the law in order to make this expansion possible. He expects that the law will come into force during 2018.


“Schadefonds Geweldsmisdrijven” has been established to provide financial compensation to victims and survivors of violent crimes that have suffered serious physical or psychological injuries. The perpetrator remains primarily responsible for the compensation of the damage. However, if the victim fails to obtain compensation for the damages caused by the offender, a victim or survivor can turn to the Fund. This arrangement has so far only been implemented in the Netherlands.

_Min van der Steur

Van der Steur is visiting the Caribbean part of the Kingdom this week in order to speak with his judiciary colleagues during the JVO (Judicial quadripartite Talk) between the Netherlands, Curaçao, Aruba and St. Maarten. During the JVO he was introduced to Mr. Martina, the new Minister of Justice of Curaçao,  and Mr. Boasman, the new Ministers of Justice of St. Maarten.


On Bonaire Van der Steur also installed the new Chief of the Dutch Caribbean Police Force. As of January 1st, 2017, Mr. José Rosales is the new Chief of Police in the Caribbean Netherlands.