Dr. Gittens author of “The Pie Philosophy,” and President and CEO of Training Professionals International Firm, TPI will host a book signing at Van Dorp Simpson Bay location on Saturday, January 28, 2017 from 1 pm – 3pm, it is a FREE EVENT. 

The book was launched at a recent TPI, Free Seminar held at Divi Little Bay on Saturday, January 7 and received rave reviews and over fifty copies were sold.  The book is now available at Van Dorp both locations Madame Estate & Simpson Bay, Nature’s Discount, Good Cards and Top Carrot located in Simpson Bay.

“The Pie Philosophy” will be available for purchase at the book signing for $24.99. Dr. Gittens will read chapters from the book coupled with intimate quotes and attendees will have the opportunity to ask the author questions about the book.  Purchasers will have the opportunity to get their books personally autographed by Dr. Gittens.

In a recent press release Dr. Gittens stated: This book was created from intimate parts of my life and from my heart. The book provides readers with my life’s lessons that I cherish. I feel mandated to share and contribute to the growth and development of others as a lifelong educator.  It is a quick read, uplifting and focuses on guaranteed personal change in 30 days.

The owner of Van Dorp’s Mrs. Carty stated: Van Dorp is thrilled to have this great book available now at both of our locations Van Dorp Madame Estate and Van Dorp Simpson bay , pick your copy today !”

The reviews of the book have been quite impressive. Mr. Geedes stated, the book is thin, feather light, easy to carry.  The interesting thing about the book is, it only consists of 26 pages and provides a journaling section.  With that said, there are messages in the book worth 10,000 pages.  Dr. Gittens brilliantly provided us, the people with a readable, uncomplicated book that almost anyone can read that brings home one important, singular message. Look at your life and make positive change.

To purchase the book, please visit the following local stores:   VanDorp both locations Madame Estate & Simpson Bay, Nature’s Discount, Good Cards and Top Carrot all stores located in Simpson Bay. Email Fi*****@gm***.com to order your book.  Visit the TPI website at Follow TPI on Instagram @ tpi_sxm or call 526.2050/2052. To have Dr. Gittens as a keynote/guest speaker contact: tp*********@gm***.com and ask for Frank den Hartigh.