Be The Change Makes Contribution to K1 Britannia’s WTSD Program

With the help of over 100 members, Be The Change Foundation donates to different organizations, foundations, and associations on a month-to-month basis through its Spotlight Project Program. The Foundation is pleased and proud to announce their support of the K1 Britannia Work, Training and Social Development (WTSD) Program with a donation of USD $1950.00 that was raised during the months of November and December 2016.


The Work, Training, and Social Development Program is a 6-month program put together by K1 Britannia that provides 11 foster teenagers and 5 teenagers under probationary measures, aged 16 to 18, with work placements, educational and practical training courses, “work-ready” workshops and volunteer placements with social organizations in order to improve their employability once they leave the foster care or juvenile judicial system at the age of 18.


The first phase of the project has already begun with a total of 17 participants. The participants have been involved in pre-employment workshops and GED mock exams to prepare for their diploma. They also participate in weekly study groups and various volunteering efforts.


Be The Change is proud to be able to support K1 Britannia’s much-needed social program which is actively advocating for a better situation for our island’s youth. Be The Change is able to offer this support thanks to the donations we receive from our members and others in the community.


Please visit our web page at to learn how you too can become a member of and help us help such worthwhile organizations such as K1 Britannia. For more information about K1 Britannia visit them at or contact them via Facebook